Our Story

We are dedicated , passionate hair artists sprinkling a little sparkle on every head of hair we touch.  We make it our mission to stay ahead of the trends, not to keep up with them.  Here at Epitome, we strive to keep growing and changing.  And so, we can't do things the conventional way.  We have created a method that works for us.  We believe that every canvas should be beautiful and what makes each canvas beautiful is unique.  You shouldn't fit into a cookie cutter appointment type.  That's why we developed a system of package pricing.  


Package pricing is a way of combining hair coloring, hair cutting and styling techniques in any combination or variation at a set hourly rate.  This practice ensures that your artist can execute their vision fully without the time restraints of typical salon bookings.  Here at Epitome, your experience will be anything but typical.  Allow yourself to experience a complete hair vision from color to cut to style.  #liveyourbesthairlife

-Epitome Hair Salon    

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